Higher Ground Expressions

February 22, 2011

Michael D'Avy


Candid also happens out on the trails and sometimes there's entertainment to be found besides the vehicles stunts. A good moment, a bad moment, the camera will help those around you force you to remember for years to come even if...  more


    HG4x4 2011 Jeep Calendar

December 1, 2010

Michael D'Avy


Six years running! The Official Higher Ground Jeep Calendar never disappoints- Well except the non Jeep drivers. I mean those Jeep people, they're just soo smug...  more


    5th Annual Manmping

August 13-15, 2010

Michael D'Avy


The odds were against us from the get go. Since we knew the group would be whittled down already from last year’s contestants, we upped the ante and pushed the trip envelope a little harder. Our drop in point into West Clear Creek for our 3 day hike, boulder, swim, bike out started... more


    HG4x4 2010 Jeep Calendar

December 1, 2009

Michael D'Avy


More Jeeps in our year 5 publication. Cherokees even get moved up from the back of the bus. Sure they earned their spot, but we've got our eye on them... more


    Project Phoenix

May 2, 2009

Robert McNeeley


On November 21st as I made my way to get some coffee my Jeep was engulfed by smoke. I made a mad dash back to the house and opened the hood expecting to see a huge fire... more


    HG4x4 2009 Jeep Calendar

November 1, 2008



Our fourth full year, full sized Jeep calendar features professionally photographed Jeeps caught in the action doing what they do best. From high country to low country, from back roads to hardcore off camber adventures... more


    HG4x4 Mod Day

August 25, 2008

Chris Brewer

Every once in a while it seems everyone's vehicle needs something around the same time. Instead of each person trying to tackle their problems alone with all of their limited knowledge working at its hardest... more  

    Land Use Action Alert

July 30, 2008

Chris Brewer

Anti-recreation legislation moving quickly in Congress.  This alert concerns a passel of bills currently pending in Congress. Most of the bills we are concerned about have been thrown into an “Omnibus” package of over 90 separate pieces of legislation… more  

    Fossil Springs

July 25, 2008

Michael D'Avy

If you're going to successfully live in Arizona without going desert blind and heat stroked, you need to know about its hidden gems and getaway spots. Most lie towards the edges of the state or in the high country. Why we cluster... more  

    Mine Exploration Catalog

July 25, 2008


I can't explain to you the motivation in this activity. If you don't get, you don't get it, and hey, you'll probably live longer than us. But we figured since we've gone out hunting mines in our many adventures, we'd catalog... more



    State Trust Land Permits

March 8, 2008

Michael D'Avy

If you didn't know it already, our State land is divided up into different land management areas. While there are different National Forests throughout, there are also Bureau of Land Management maintained areas, and State Trust Land.  If you're heading onto National Forest land... more  

    HG4x4 2008 Jeep Calendar

November 1, 2007


A great gift for the Die-hard Daily Driver or the Jeeper at Heart, this Off-Road wall calendar is sure to look great displayed anywhere, reminding the owner and other viewers of the rugged beauty and adventure most others find inaccessible... more  


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