May 10-17, 2009

Ride along in real time with our live uploads. Photos on and off the trail added via picture messages.



Officially this was Higher Ground's first multi-member Moab run. Bob had laid the ground work the year before and the pictures brought back spoke for themselves. For Moab 09 we brought the awesome with 5 major players behind the big wheels and a couple behind the pro lenses making a pretty solid little group.

Most of us caravanned from Phoenix to Utah and then all did the camp thing at Canyonlands Campground Our set up was cheap and pretty sweet. We had the huge area across the creek pretty much to ourselves to spread out and relax in the tents and around the fire. To get the juices flowing, after we set up camp, we went over to Potato Salad Hill before dinner.

For the next week, our group made no waste of daylight, running two or three major trails before hitting the town in the evening for some cruising and grub. Even though limits were pushed on the rocks, everything went pretty smoothly, only twice did we have to break out the tools for nothing more serious than a blown U-joint.

Not a moment went by on the trails that we weren't in awe of the scenery. Whether we were on the red rock, on the mountain, or in the national parks, the views never got tiring.  All in all we had an awesome time with our close knit group, doing the bonding thing from sun up to sundown in and out of the vehicles.



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