The second part of day 3, we turned off onto Golden Spike from its junction off Poison Spider. As we departed we saw skyline drive looming off in the distance.

Going up the hill wasn't a big deal but going down was a little intimidating. At the top we stopped and stretched our legs and checked out the view (something you never seemed to get tired of in Moab), then hopped back in and low geared it and double footed it down.

We followed the trail curve into the narrow canyon then up the obstacle crossing to the other side. When we got to Zuki Hill we hadn't seen any reason to actually name the obstacle until Alan playing caboose had his rear driveshaft U-joint let go with a bang. It was a good enough stopping point for lunch and with the tools and extra parts on hand, fixing the XJ back up wasn't a problem.

For a good stretch after that, the trail didn't have too much to offer. A little bounce here and there led us out to one of the rim lookouts. We naturally did the posing thing with the peeps and Jeeps, the cameras snapping off shots of the valley far below. We also met some mountain bikers nearby and exchanged "You guy's are crazy," lines between our very different groups.

The trail was pretty fun from there on out. Step up, step downs, and ledge combos. Somewhere around the mini-crack Geoff's CJ's clutch linkage broke. He drove in mostly 1st gear from then on out. Before the day was done we had to stop a few more times to rig it back up.

We caught up with another group at the Golden Crack and watched everyone give it a go. While most of us just aimed to get across, Bob tried to see just how flexed out he could get on the step drop and Geoff just kept going back and forth over it trying it wider and wider down the line.

After using up all the crack fun, we continued on through the rest of the trail and obstacles. They views stayed great as we finished up the last set of challenges. We followed the trail as the spikes gave way to bars. We met the other group once more at the Giant Ledge as they were winching up a lamer. When we made it to dirt road, Alan's U-joint let go again so they rigged it up to get him back into town.









Drivers: Bob McNeeley Geoff Larson Alan Johson

Video: Chris Brewer Photography: Michael D'Avy

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