Well this one was a twofer. Since we had early leavers and a late newcomer, and since Hell's Revenge is such a classic get your feet wet Moab trail, we ran it twice. The first run consisted of 4 Higher Ground vehicles, and the second tour, two.

Hell's Revenge is a perfect trail for the first day, embodying all the classic trailage, Moab has to offer. The red rock roller- coaster can use up quite a bit of time with larger groups but if traffic's light, there's plenty of playtime left. Even if you don't feel comfortable trying the harder named obstacles, you can be sure you won't be alone playing spectator on them.

We got out early enough and had plenty of room to move around and take our time. Of the group, Bob was the only seasoned veteran driver of the trail. I can't imagine it hard to be a tour guide in Moab; the tracks ahead are obvious and the scenic vantage points abound. Still, he did a great job with coaching and patience.

No matter how many photos or videos one watches of Hell's Gate, the breathtaking reaction to the severity of steepness on this obstacle are always the same. The trust however, between Bob and the other drivers, was enough to enable them to walk up Hell's Gate without incidence or underwear lost.

On the steep option above the Black Hole, Geoff's Cherobeast lost a rear driveshaft U-joint. 15 minutes later he was up and running again.

When we go to the Hot Tubs, Bob had to try Mickey's but even with is wheelbase and supercharger, his locker issues and slick tires couldn't hoof it. Even though there was quite an infestation of inconsiderate dirt bike fleas weaving between us and a world of hurt, our guys managed to have fun in the other tubs.

Everyone got one more chance to test their brakes on Dragon's tail and then moved on to the next onlooker venue at Escalator. There were three brave takers but each one had to pull winch in the end.

Tipover Challenge wasn't worthy of either of its names with our drivers, and being at the end of the mentionable trail, we headed out and over to play on Potato Salad and the creek.






Drivers: Bob McNeeley Jonathan Kuipers Geoff Larson Alan Johson Virgil Silhanek

Video: Chris Brewer Photography: Michael D'Avy

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