Words fail to describe Kane Creek. Seriously, I'm probably going to have plenty of space left after describing this one.

KC, I mean Kane Creek, is not the trail for you if you're looking for stacked up named obstacles. The entire first third of the trip is pretty much a dirt road in a wide canyon; the second, is weaving in and out of the creek. Only towards the end on the climb out does much happen. We couldn't even get the video camera guy out of the vehicle on this trip.

Apparently during the rains, the road in pumps up the mud factor pretty quick, but ours was just dusty dry. Some of us had fun with the plethora of creek crossings- something about the splashing brings out the kid in the Arizona transplant boys that miss their more fertile birthplaces. The tree cover in this area was also a welcome site as it had grown pretty hot that afternoon.

So Kane Creek did have amazing scenery to lend. The canyon walls reflected their colors beautifully back to the sun overhead in heated defiance. We took a late lunch break next to the meandering creek and under a rock overhang that conveniently fit all the Jeeps.

We had a let a solo JK pass us earlier in the day, but we found them later parked and contemplating the steep hill climb that led above the creek. At the time we couldn't tell them whether the smaller trail that stayed with the water could get them out. It's listed as an ATV trail in the Well's book. They decided to watch our ascent, but I think Bob's puppetry looking Jeep/spring display sealed their turnaround deal. It would suck to have driven that far only to 180 it out. The boys picked their line on the err of 60% fun / 40% caution since the trail did have a hungry edge.

After that, the going was fairly easy again. We stopped to play in the creek near the ATV bridge, then headed towards the highway. There was a cool section at the very end that took you through a neat little mini forest of small trees.

We hit the highway near Hole N" The Rock. I would comment on how horribly they grammaticized that name in paint on the rockside, but it looks like I actually made word quota and ran out of space.












Drivers: Bob McNeeley Geoff Larson Alan Johson

Photography: Michael D'Avy

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