And on the third day, Higher Ground did traveleth to the western banks of the Colorado and ascended the Spider of Poison...

We planned for another long day on this one. Tragically, it turned out to be 2 HG drivers' last day on this earth (Moab earth, i.e ground). They were called home, many many many times, and their spirits and ears finally yielded to a deadly case of wives.

The day consisted of the trail trifecta: Poison Spider to Golden Spike to Gold Bar Rim. It began with a quick climb out of the river valley and the obstacles came quick. The rock ledges on PS seemed to be made of sandpaper, the grip literally stickying the tires up them. Even the steeper humps pulled the Jeeps right up. The open diff CJ didn't even balk at any of them.

There were plenty of harder lines laying around so different adventures were still available for the choosing. The Waterfall and "V" Notch added to the fun factor but didn't pose any threat.

After pulling themselves up and heading down High Speed Mesa, the boys found a nice bowl to throw sand up into the camera lenses on. You can see it as a whirlpool of tracks on the featured GPS Google Earth Tour; another boys will be giggling boys moment as rev limiters engaged through the splashlike thrown sand tails.

After the spin cycle, we pointed the grills at Pig Rock and then turned off at an intersection and onto Golden Spike.

















Drivers: Bob McNeeley Geoff Larson Alan Johson

Video: Chris Brewer Photography: Michael D'Avy

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