*day four we explored around a bit up the mountain and into the snow.

Well, it could've been just Bob stationed solo with his faithful photog passenger, but when we woke on Day 5 and the HG Hadtogobacks were gone, a newcomer was left in their place. Team Yellowsub, Jonathan and Dana, had snuck into camp in the wee hours and when the sun woke us and the discovery was made, we had some antsy fresh meat ready for someone to show them around Moab. Being that it was their first time, it appeared another Hell's Revenge was in order. 2nd verse same as the first, with a side of Potato Salad after.

Moving on to Day 6, we headed out to Steel Bender. We ran it forwards this time (last year we backtracked it) and had it pretty much all to ourselves.

It really was a beautiful day out there dipping in and out of the canyon. Instead of taking the Flat Pass Road bypass, we completed the whole trail, but we found you don't really miss much if you do.

Obviously the biggest obstacle on this trail is The Fall. The drop in requires a little bit of angling, and the ability to let it ride out instead of brake standing if something were to go wrong. Picturewise, it looked harder this year, but last year going up it, quite a few people took the rope (plus we also got to see a golf cart do quite a roll).

We took lunch in the shade shortly after, met some bikers, then carried on. There's a few more uphill obstacles that are fun, but with lockers, not too challenging.

Once the snowy mountains came into view we took another break and let Dana collect some wildflowers. The most scenic part of the trail is the end. The mountains in the background at the tree shaded creek crossing are definitely worth some pics to come back to later. Since a creek dip was becoming tradition on this trip, we went to the end of the road at the dam and cooled off. The water was extremely cold there but still worth a least some feet splashing.

 We still had time, so after a quick change back at camp, we went out to Arches again to hike around.











Drivers: Bob McNeeley Jonathan Kuipers

Photography: Michael D'Avy

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