So it's your last official day in Moab. You've done most of the in town trails, but you heard about this place on the outskirts that stacks the obstacles high. A place where riff raff, trailer trash, and red headed stepchildren get it on to a different tune. Part old mining claims, part homemade heaven, Area BFE is where good parts come to rock hump until something gives. A finale if there ever was one, we wanted to see it for ourselves and check out where the big boys play.

We chose the milder Strike Ravine for our loop tour. It offers a little of it's own, but gets you close to expert kill-zones like Helldorado and Green Day. We hiked a little of Hell, giggling like schoolgirls at the obstacle stacks, dreams of one day saying %^&* it and kissing all sheet metal goodbye.

The Ravine wasn't much of a trail for Bob and Team Yellow's rigs. For filler, there was a lot of lizards and mine exploring going on as we went.

By the time we got to the "t" at the powerlines we could see a forest fire burning out between us and the La Sal's. We went straight and up the hill for a closer look but were still a good distance off so we retreated back.

At the large mine in Kane Springs Creek, we did a little mine vehicle exploration getting the Yellowsub submerged underground. After we had our fun pics, we finished the trek up the hill to the play area.

Bob and Jonathan just tore loose when they saw all the play options, fanning out pell mell to every climb and drop they could find. Only once did someone get hung, and it was only because of Bob's intermittent fuel delivery problem. They even had a couple foreign spectators come around to see the "Big American 4x4's," and the "Fat Boob."

Knowing that they had probably pressed all their luck and spent all their girlie giggles at the park, the boys reluctantly packed it in, and we headed back out to the highway for our last night at camp and on the strip.











Drivers: Bob McNeeley Jonathan Kuipers

Photography: Michael D'Avy

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