Another classic, this trail is also just outside and above of town, but is shorter, leaving plenty of time to fit another in. Along the east side of the Colorado lies three main trails: Moab Rim, Pritchett Canyon, and Kane Creek. Bob did 5.0 rated Pritchett last year with the High Country Renegades and it can be a full day trail so we chose Kane for our second run. Cliff Hanger is a little further down too, but the Rim gave them their vertigo fix for the day.

The main interest/difficulty in running the Rim is that all the obstacles tend to tilt you away from it, more towards the river and highway below side. Given that you continue to drive alongside the two, it can make things a little hairy.

At many points, the reflective river below, gives the bearing searching brain, the illusion that it has become sky. Your Jeep windows do point towards the waters, thus lending to that reality.

Even the cameras were confused by the horizon and levels. Once you've gotten used to the Rim's cants, it actually made things more tippy (especially for the larger vehicles) since you believed the ground you were currently on to be level. A few times a second approach was needed to keep the Jeeps from teetering off the added approaches of the obstacles.

We stayed in the shadows on the way up and were treated to a great view of the town when we came around the corner. Pics were taken and even Arches National Park was in view.

Returning the way we came added a little extra downward momentum factor, but the boys were figuring out the planes were not always what they seemed. A few spots, directions, and trust here in there helped the progress. We met a large group coming up so we pulled off and let them pass.

Once we met back down at the trailhead, we continued on down the river to Kane Creek with the knowledge we'd be coming out SE of town on the 191.












Drivers: Bob McNeeley Geoff Larson Alan Johson

Video: Chris Brewer Photography: Michael D'Avy

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